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Snowpocalypse coming!!!

Some pointers for our Tri-state guys with this impending snowpacalypse this weekend.

1. All-wheel drive doesn't always mean All-wheel stopping power. There's a time and place to enjoy the benefits of an AWD, but be mindful when out on the road. Bad weather seems to bring out the worst in some drivers in these parts. Despite how advanced some new vehicles' driver assisted programs are, people are quick to forget how slippery snow can actually be on normal all season tires. If you can afford to, purchase and install a reputable brand of snow tires.

2. Be sure to clear snow from not only on top of the car, but also from the lower front grill. You would be surprised how hot engine coolant temps can reach when there is a lack of airflow reaching the radiator during heavy driving sessions. It's easy in high amounts of snow fall for that area to become packed tight. Be proactive and clear the lower front grill prior to, and following a spirited driving session.

3. Know your car's abilities as well as your own. With such a deep level of snow predicted, there will surely be some unplowed areas in the 1-2 foot range. It's not as uncommon as you think to get the car stuck (esp in wet, heavy snow) by way of getting enough snow under the car to prevent it from making sufficient tire contact. This is especially true for vehicles with Coilovers. This is because some coilovers have limited travel, making it easier to get the wheel airborne should enough snow get under the car. Basically, use your better judgment and dont try to traverse unplowed areas.

4. Keep supplies handy and in the car. Things like a shovel, blanket, flashlight, water, snacks and dry, winter-ready clothing can be a lifesaver. If any of you work crazy, off-beat hours like I do, then you are surely subject to getting home to an unplowed lot or driveway. You could be there for awhile digging yourself a parking space. Should you be there longer, those other supplies will be very handy.

5. During road or highway travel, keep a safe distance from plows/salt trucks. These guys have a job to do to keep roads clear in a state of emergency. Also, they fling salt like bird-shot, so if your value your paint job, heed this warning.

6. Above all, be safe, use your better judgement and enjoy the fruits of the season where we get to drive like Colin McRae .

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