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Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the process of removing imperfections, swirls, scratches, and other issues that causes the paint to look dull and old.  This process, when done correctly, restores a brilliant shine and depth to your vehicle.  You will fall in love with your car again, guaranteed!

What are the benefits of Paint Correction?

  • Remove oxidization, swirl marks, and any other imperfections from the clear coat

  • Bring back a brilliant shine and buttery feel to your paint

  • A clean, smooth surface makes it much harder for dirt and debris to cling to painted surfaces

  • Ensures that waxes, sealants, and ceramic coating bond correctly and protect painted surfaces

Why choose GE3KSPD to do the work?
Paint correction takes a lot of experience in using the correct tools and products to complete the job successfully and without causing any damage to the painted surfaces.  We don't cut any corners, and we take our time in ensuring every panel on your vehicle gets the attention it requires.   We take pride in everything we do and every vehicle is treated like it's one of our own! 

The process

  • Meticulously hand-wash all exterior surfaces (paint, grills, bumpers, wheels, tires, wheel wells, emblems, windows, etc)

  • Remove all iron contaminates with careful use of safe chemicals (Only when needed)​

  • Clay bar on all painted surfaces to ensure a buttery smooth surface for the  paint correction process

  • Multi-step machine polishing and paint correction

  • ​Application of Ceramic Coating or your preferred protection layer (Additional fees apply)

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