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Did you know that your vehicle's foggy and oxidized headlights are reducing your visibility at night by up to 70%?  This is a common issue with most headlights on the market today due to the harsh summer sun, improper care, and road salts and other chemicals used during the winter months. 

What are the benefits of the Headlight Restoration and Protection service?

  • Safety!  Now you can see the road ahead

  • Bring back a brilliant clarity and shine to the vehicle's headlights

  • A clean, smooth surface makes it much harder for dirt and debris to cling to the headlights

Why choose GE3KSPD to do the work?

Just like paint correction, headlight restoration takes a lot of experience in using the correct tools and products to complete the job successfully and without causing any damage to the headlights.  We don't cut any corners!  We use the latest Ceramic Coating technologies and will guarantee that your headlights will stay clear as long as you follow our care guidelines

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