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From the Starting Line

The Honest Experience of a Rookie Autocrosser My shaking hands gripped the steering wheel of my bright blue, base model, 2011 Ford Fiesta. Of all the emotions circulating through my mind, none of them contained any form of confidence. My natural predisposition to competitiveness was nowhere to be found. Am I really doing this? My eyes hesitantly steered towards the cars surrounding my meek blue econobox. Rumbling WRX STIs and Lancer Evolutions, angry Corvettes and Mustangs, even the Miatas were sporting superchargers and turbos. Was that a Noble?! Yet there I sat in my base model Fiesta. A small sedan pushing 120 BHP. High off the ground, all-season Continental DWS tires, and an intimidated

ECU Calibration, Hypnotic

So you're finally able to buy that car you've been researching and wanting for a long time. I knew I wanted the Mazdaspeed3 since early 2010 but I wasn't able to purchase it until 2012. So now you've got that car, and the mod itch begins! Let me guess, you started with the obvious inexpensive and easy to install mods; air intake. Then you wanted your car to sing, so you went ahead and got yourself an exhaust so everyone can hear the music of your people. In the Mazdaspeed world, it's well known that you'll need an inevitable upgrade; the HPFP internals. Some noobs (myself included) argue that they've been running a full flow modification without them, and their engines still have the rods

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