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Rob Finkle's Gtx3076r Powered Mazdaspeed3

Our first blog post has to be of this beautiful machine. One of the most beloved and known Mazdaspeed3s out there. Rob Finkle, one of the most sought out names in the Mazda community, as he tuned and supported hundreds of Mazdaspeeds around the globe. Rob wrapped his car himself back in 2011 using a beautiful satin black 3M wrap. It looks every bit as good in person as in pictures, actually, it looks even better in person! Recently, Rob decided to swap his Gtx3071r to a new Gtx3076r while still running on the stock block. He’s easily making around 400WHP, and believe me, you feel every bit of it from the passenger seat. From the driver seat, however, it is an exciting experience to push the

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