GE3KSPD Motorsports was founded as a platform to explore and spread a shared passion for the automotive world through photography. Images of beautiful automobiles sporting the GE3KSPD logo quickly spread across various social media outlets, garnering the attention of prominent names in the industry. With such rapid expansion, it became clear that GE3KSPD was meant to be more than just photography.  


Founder, Sari, had once appeared to many as only an Instructional Technologist at a small university. Fueled by his passion for cars; racing, engines, and the culture which revolved around it, he purchased his first performance vehicle. The ownership of his Mazdaspeed intensified his ever growing passion. Soon after, he began slowly modifying his vehicle and sought to become involved in the east coast car culture including several local clubs. Here, Sari connected with many others who shared his enthusiasm and passion.  With the support of his friends and teammates, Sari began successfully competing in drag and solo racing events. In only his first year of solo racing, he placed first overall in class. His success behind the wheel motivated him to pursue even bigger challenges. 

"The automotive culture is fascinating to me. Once you start exploring your platform and getting out there you're able to create and form new relationships and friendships that could last the lifetime." - Sari 




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